Free up space with these outdoor storage products

Free up space with these outdoor storage products

Did you know that January is the month people get rid of their junk? Spring cleaning can be the more popular phrase, but the truth can be heard, winter is the time people span and really do a little cleaning, space-wise. Perhaps its a new years promise when new and exciting endeavors are in place, when the world is your oyster and the moment is yours to grab. Thrift stores overflow with someones junk, ready to be someones treasure and Craigslist is riddled with individuals trying to clean our basement and garage to make room for new goodies to be purchased in 2012.

Got a storage problem? Youre not alone. Go back fifty years, and you will see that our predecessors had much less stuff. Today we put a premium on things, which means our wardrobes and coffins overflow with things we will hardly be able to use. The same applies to garages and lockers, cellar rooms and extra shelves. If your home is redundant, you are not alone. Most of us buy the road more than we need, and then we search for places to express it. Wondering what to do with all the things you bought under the heat after Christmas sales? Be sure there is a solution for you. Outdoor storage products, which are generally not taken into account when it comes to indoor storage, is a good alternative to packed wardrobes and cartons just waiting to decompose in the basement will flood season. Oversized, durable and easy to move, outdoor storage boxes quickly become an excellent storage option for those whose indoor storage simply does not cut it anymore.

Are you looking for a place to store all the paper towels you incurred in an incredible sale on Costco? Instead of filling your linnen cupboard which, lets face it, is full enough put the extra rolls in your outdoor ready-made tire box. Large enough to hold 103 liters of water or anything else of equal weight and height, a deck box is an incredible alternative to wardrobe or cardboard storage. Perfect for adding extra outdoor dining, you can easily attach a custom pad to make the cover more comfortable. Imagine 103 liters of extra storage! It is unbelievable. Big enough for dozens of dozens of paper towel rolls, as well as seasonal sweaters or winter jackets, a tire box is a great storage option for those who throw in the warehouse in their homes. Waterproof and easy to assemble, a tire box is a great option for anyone who wants to add some extra storage to their outdoor space.

So what kinds of things are you currently storing inside that can be transferred to an outdoor storage product? While most people automatically think about storage of farm equipment and gardening tools, outdoor storage products are also good for low season products. Running out of the closet? Seal your large woolen jackets and jackets in plastic storage bags, and then put them in an outdoor storage box. Voila! An entire wardrobe, freed and ready for things that are seasonally appropriate. Outdoor storage box is also great for storing shoes, even outdated kitchen utensils or old photo albums and books. Anything that you have stored inside can be stored outdoors in an outdoor storage container, making it easy to clean up your wardrobes and basements and add stores where you need it most.

Ready to clean and clean? The first step is to have a garage sale and to really clean your home and your wardrobes. Something you have not had in six months, you probably will not wear anytime soon. If you are a clothes horse, a good rule of thumb is to give away a piece of clothing for every new piece you buy. The same goes for shoes and other new things you buy - every time something new comes in, something goes wrong. This helps you minimize redness ahead - but right now its time to get rid of the things you already own, or at least find a better place to store it. Once you have cleaned your wardrobes and evaluated what to keep and what you will get rid of, its time to organize a garage sale. A persons junk is another persons treasure, so there is no harm in putting things in the give away heap that you think is far from style or will not be bought. You never know what people will buy! Everything you can wear to share with can be stored outside in your brand new outdoor storage box. Stash your stuff and turn them into an elegant seat, and your new storage box will do double duty.

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